In today’s post I want to talk about Solo Ads, the truth behind them, and why a lot of people struggle to see results.

If you don’t know what a Solo Ad is, it’s basically where someone sends an email out to their list with YOUR advertisement or offer in, their subscribers click on your link, then potentially opt-in to YOUR list. You then follow up and have the “potential” to make a sale.

Yes I said the “potential”, as this depends on a lot of factors as I talk about in this post.

I have been in the Solo Ad industry on and off for a few years, and building lists for a long time. I don’t know everything there is to know about email marketing, far from it, but I have been around long enough to know things that just won’t work…

And I wanted to get a few points over in this post so if you decide to run Solo Ads for yourself, you know what kind of results to expect. I also want to tell you exactly how to win people over, become a fan of yours, and consequently make you MORE sales.

The thing with Solo Ads is that they get “labelled” in SO many different ways.

Some people say they’re a bad traffic source…

Some say they doesn’t work…

Some say they’re spammy…

And the list goes on.

But any traffic source (free or paid), takes time to master and get results from. I have run PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns, Facebook ads, and many other sources over the years, and each one has its own unique set of problems and frustrations that you need to overcome before seeing results.

But the one thing that frustrates me the most about Solo Ads, is when people write them off because they didn’t get any sales right out of the gate.

This can be the case with ANY traffic source, but you really have to take it by the balls, and master it!

The reason for no sales on a Solo Ad run can be any number of factors, but only a small percentage of people will buy on a first exposure to something. They don’t know you at all, and you haven’t filled the “good will” tank with them so why should they?

As with any traffic source, Solo Ads EVEN MORE than any other traffic source, it’s about bringing people into your world.

You have to get people to connect with you on Facebook so they get to see what you’re about. This will build trust right there.

You need to send them daily emails with content that will actually help them, not just spam them your product link wondering why they aren’t buying…

And finally, you need to create some kind of video series so they can see you’re a real person and consequently you will earn trust. (Some say this isn’t compulsory, but with solo ads I believe it will help you in a BIG way to gain that trust.)

If you don’t get sales on the front end, it’s no big deal, but you need to follow up EVERY day and do ALL the above.

If you have a poor funnel, or are just sending to an affiliate funnel for which you have no control (which I see WAY too many people doing), then you’re results will generally be lower. That’s just the way it is as you’ll be using the same funnel, and email follow ups as potentially hundreds or thousands of other affiliates, so what makes YOU different to your competition?

So listen up…

This business is not easy whatever traffic source you use. If it were that easy then EVERYONE would be making money hand over fist rather than the 3% that do currently.

But if you are going to use Solo Ads, these are the things you MUST do

1. Build your OWN list (which YOU have control of), NOT your affiliate programs list.
2. Follow up DAILY.
3. Create videos.
4. Create content.
5. Bring people into your world like Facebook, Instagram etc
6. Provide value, be their friend, and someone they can trust.
7. Actually help people rather than just thinking about yourself all the time.

Open and click rates are MUCH lower than virtually every other traffic source money can buy, but if you do the above you will be golden…

Do half of it or none of it and moan the traffic source doesn’t work, then you only have yourself to blame.

Ask yourself this question at every opportunity, and you will see your business from a different perspective…

“What makes ME stand out, and WHY would people want to buy from ME rather than someone else?”

Are you standing out, providing value, and actually helping people? Or just hiding behind your affiliate program hoping people will buy?

Only YOU know the answer.

There’s just one last thing I want to mention in this post…

If you’re not getting the conversions on your landing pages or people are not clicking through, it’s generally down to your funnel. Your landing page needs to be compelling, and your bridge or sales page needs to get people to take action.

People on Solo lists see more offers than most other traffic sources, so why would people want to opt-in to YOUR page, or buy YOUR product?

What are YOU going to do for them that they can’t get elsewhere?

This is just something to think about when creating your offers.

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Paul Wilson



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