If you are sending traffic straight to a generic affiliate offer or website, then you are leaving some serious money on the table.

The trouble is most people join a program or opportunity, and send traffic straight to the offer.

Then they wonder why they aren’t getting the conversions they expected, and are more than likely losing money.

The thing is, you have to stand out in business. That goes for anything whether online or offline.

And what I mean by that is this….

Potentially there are hundreds or even thousands of affiliates promoting the exact same program as you are.

So what makes you different?

Watch the video below to find out one way you can do this to get you higher conversions. There are a few other tricks you can use also, but this one works 100% of the time and is something I use a lot in my business.

If you want to build your own funnel like this one, I recommend ClickFunnels.com. I use this every day in my business, and you will be able to create a funnel just like the one I talk about in the video in just a few minutes!

Don’t follow everyone else out there, learn to stand out!

Paul Wilson

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