Of course it is right?

Or is it?

You see, I have debated this argument several times with different people, and there are only really two types of traffic online.

The first being free – like Facebook posts, Facebook chat, Forum marketing

And the second being paid – like PPC, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads

This list is obviously not exhaustive for either method here, but whichever one of these models you choose, it’s either going to either cost you your time, or your money.

If you are currently trying to do everything for free, then you need to step back and put a value on your time.

Scaleable Traffic-2Because the way I see it is this….

We ALL have a definitive amount of time on this planet. Once it is spent, we can NEVER get that time back.

Whereas, once money is spent, we can generate more.

Whichever way you look at both these options, they are BOTH an investment.

The difference is, one is of your time, and the other is of your money.

They both get results, it’s just a different way of getting to the destination right?

So which are you?

Personally, I build my businesses using a combination of both. I use paid traffic to generate leads, and then follow up using free methods (in most cases)

But as my business grows, I am falling more and more in love with paid advertising.


Scaleable Traffic

Because it is scaleable.

I can drive traffic into my funnel where I already know the outcome because I have tweaked and tested. If I drive 100 people in to my funnel, as long as the traffic is targeted, I can pretty much calculate the profit from those visitors.

The only thing restricting the amount of traffic you can drive using paid methods, really boils down to your budget.

Whereas, if you’re currently building your business using free methods alone, the likeliness is you’re not going to be set up to run paid ads just yet.

Without getting into the nitty gritty of what you are going to need, let’s just say you are going to need a sales funnel before you can start running paid ads.

This will consist of some kind of capture page where you can build an email list.

An autoresponder where you can follow up with those leads (the fortune is in the follow up right!)

And an offer of some kind.

This could be an opportunity you are involved in, your own products, or affiliate products.

Long term, the money really is in building your own products.

But if you’re just starting out, you can sell someone else’s products as an affiliate and get a percentage of the sales.

That is really where most people start (including myself), as it allows you to leverage the work someone else has already done and get paid to do so.

That really wraps up what I wanted to cover in this post. All I am say here, is don’t waste thousands of hours doing stuff for free, when you could have automated it with paid traffic for a fraction of the time.

Start leveraging your time, and attracting more people into your business today.

To your success…

Paul Wilson


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