How To Stream Your Desktop To Facebook Live

In this blog post I want to show you how to stream your desktop to Facebook Live.

I guess you’ve heard of Facebook Live?

If not, in a nutshell, it allows you to steam LIVE from your mobile phone, directly to your Facebook Page or personal profile, or group, or wherever you want on Facebook.

In the video below, I show you how to stream your desktop to Facebook. This could be used for presentations, webinars, how to videos.

Basically anything!

It can be a little tricky to set up, so I thought I would create this video showing you step by step how to stream directly to your profile.

Below are the links you will need to make this happen.

Click here to download OBS Project

Click here to access the page to launch your broadcast

The possibilities are endless, and once you get the hang of it, it literally takes a few seconds to “go live” from your desktop.

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Paul Wilson

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