When used correctly, Solo Ads can be some of the highest quality, and most targeted traffic you can get for your home businesses ANYWHERE online.

Now if you don’t know exactly what a Solo Ad is, then here’s a real quick overview.

It’s REALLY simple.

A solo ad is basically where someone sends an ad to their email list promoting someone elses page or website. Generally, that page will be a squeeze page (or capture page), where people will get the chance to get something for free in exchange for their email address (I’m sure you get the picture here right?)

That capture page is then connected to the persons email list who bought the ad, thus building their list.

So let’s say, you bought 100 clicks and got a 50% opt-in on your page, you would now have 50 new subscribers you can then email yourself.

And in it’s simplest form, that’s it!

Some people think that Solo Ads are of low quality, but the reality is, that most people just don’t know how to use them.

There is definitely an art to running solo ads, and I explain how to find quality vendors in my video below.

You can download the mind map used in my video here

Solo ads have so many advantages over other advertising platforms like Facebook, as there is no risk of getting shut down, and there is a virtually limitless supply of traffic out there too. That’s not to say you shouldn’t use Facebook or any other platform (because you should), I am just saying don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

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Paul Wilson

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      Awesome job I love it!

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        Thanks Penny, appreciate your comment 🙂

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