This is a VERY serious topic, as I can pretty much guarantee that you are wasting a ton of time EVERY day.

The thing is this…

People come into this online world of business with BIG plans to change the world, and in reality, most people just don’t.

And the reason for this is what?

Well, in 99% of cases, it’s just that people waste their time, and waste it by the bucket load.

For some of you reading this blog post, I can imagine that your “work” day for your online business goes something like this…

  • Check your emails and maybe click on a few links. Maybe get sucked into the latest shiny object, but on this occasion, you might just make a lucky escape
  • Surf the web a little bit
  • Check your emails again just incase something important has come in (which it never does)
  • Check your Facebook wall
  • Check Instagram
  • Check Snapchat

And the list goes on right?

So you get the picture, and my guess you are guilty of at least one or two of those on a daily basis. We all are to an extent, but you need to make sure this isn’t what your daily routine purely consists of.

Plus, you need to make sure you leverage the content you consume.

The thing is, your online business needs a combination of self discipline, and a proven plan to move forward.

ContentBut the way I see it, is that MOST people are caught up in consuming content, when they should be creating it too!

You NEED to make that shift from being a content consumer, to a content creator.

I’m not saying never to consume content again, but you need to act on what you are consuming.

Take what you have learned, and implement it!


  • Create a blog post about it
  • Create a video about it
  • Send an email to your list (if you don’t have one you should be building one)

You get the picture right?

Listen, I was all too guilty of being caught up in consuming mode. I probably wasted months just not taking action. It’s all too easy to sit on the sidelines and watch what’s happening, rather than getting involved and create what’s happening.

Don’t you agree?

If you don’t know what you should be creating then reach out and talk to someone who can help you.

And if you buy a course, work through it, implement it, and see it through until you get results. Don’t just jump ship to the next shiny object every time the going gets tough.

Everyone who is successful will go through courses, and have several mentors who help, or who have helped them get to where they are right now.

But instead of them just consuming that content…

They turn that content into results!

Paul Wilson

Let me know what you think of this post below!

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