So many people treat social media as one big infomercial or way to promote their company, but the reality is, Social Media is ALL about YOU!

It should be like your very own TV station, NOT your company’s, or the latest program you’re promoting that week.

Here is a quick video to show you my 7 tips…

  1. Treat your profile as a mini website about YOU.
  2. Have your BEST picture as your profile picture that represents you and what you’re all about. Not your company, or the view out of your window, YOU.
  3. Your cover photo shout be all about YOU, not your company. Never brand your company on social media.
  4. Fill out your about section. Have a link to your blog.
  5. Don’t just run one big commercial, it’s not a place to sell, but a place to build relationships and create your warm market.
  6. Educate people, inspire people, be funny. Try not to be boring!
  7. Use videos. It’s the most effective way to build relationships with your audience.

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Paul Wilson

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